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Hi. Remember us? Miss us? We’re back! And we have some important things to catch up on.  I haven’t probably introduced most of you to the newest member of the clan. Sweet Eleanor Jean. So much like her big sister. And nothing like her all at the same time. Stay tuned. Because there are some issues weighing very heavily on my heart lately, that I feel the need to share! 

Sit back and enjoy the ride. 


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Mothers are mothers; regardless of their homes

I woke up this morning and read an article that got my blood boiling. The entirety of the article that you can read here basically sums up to a mother being asked to cover at the homeless shelter she was living in. She responds with her legal rights. And the IHS employee threatens to refuse service to her. The mother states she feels discriminated against and controlled. This is wrong. On so many levels.

IHS released this statement:

“IHS really does take the health and safety of our guests and our staff seriously and we really wanted to just jump on it,” said Connie Mitchell, the IHS executive director. “This is an opportunity for us to learn more and to really share with the community that we are about being proactive and about being helpful to our community as well.”

I’m glad they’re getting a head start to tackle the issue. It makes me wonder how many times this has happened before.

What do you think about this situation?



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Bebe ShitChins

Big thanks to my creative and talkative toddler. It made choosing the title of this piece very easy. So here’s to Cheeks and her “ShitChins”!!!

If you had told me a month ago that I would be the proud mama of one chicken, I wouldn’t have believed you. Let alone the proud mama of 21 chickens.

So this is how it went down. Our old house in the middle of the city; was falling apart. Literally. The windows were leaking, sink leaking, banister was loose, add a few other small issues and you get the idea. Then my husband takes a shower; and the wall caved in. So; in a matter of minutes the decision is made to move.

I find the perfect place. It’s the perfect medley of what we both want and envision Hattie growing up in. Plenty of land. An old farm house. A sunroom. And….you guessed it…chickens. We moved about a month ago. It’s been an interesting transition. Tons more creepy-crawlies around these parts.

So the house comes with a chicken coop. And five chickens. Including a rooster. Maybe a week or two after we moved one of the hens began sitting on eggs. We didn’t think much of it because she sat on them sporadically. We should have taken it at face value.

This morning we wake up to 16 baby chickens greeting us. A shock yes. But I can’t help but melt when I see how cute they truly are. Such fluffy babies. Wrangling them up because a snake was in their coop; took much longer than it should have. Thanks to my badass hubs playing hockey, we used a spare hockey stick to keep Mama Hen away so we could bring the babies to safety.

I’m excited to see how this journey pans out for us. Us and our baby “ShitChins” that is.


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No RAGRETS…(not even a single letter?)

I try to live my life positively. Focusing on the good. For me, I can get so easily overwhelmed and dragged down by the negative; that I make an effort every day to stay positive. When I gave birth to my daughter, I had no regrets. However once a few months had passed, I found myself deeply saddened by what I perceived I had done wrong. I was upset by the fact that I had an epidural. That I allowed the nurses to bully me. That I didn’t speak up for myself. I had this beautifully healthy baby girl next to me, yet I was in tears. It has taken me until now, 16 months after her birth to be able to talk about that night without feeling it in the pit of my stomach. I am now at peace. I have allowed myself to simply learn from the experience. I no longer list the “I should haves”. It has not been an easy road for me. But I have taken that negative. And twisted it into a positive. For I know how strong I will be for my next birth! I will own it!!

Peace Love Cheeks


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I left my heart upstairs.

Sometimes parenting is joyful. At times dreadful. Rarely quiet, at least in this house. Whether it be the joyful laughter of Cheeks discovering a new way to chase the cat, or her cries of frustration. There is noise. Until there isn’t. The moments leading up to “NightNight” in our house are slightly frantic. We search for the cream to put on her tush, the diaper we swear we put right beside us, the perfect Jammie’s. But all too soon she and I are in bed. She is nursing, staring at me. Sometimes mumbling. Other times unlatching to gleefully say MAMA! But always, after a few moments that sometimes stretch into an eternity her eyelids flutter. They close. Her breathing deepens. She sighs. My nipple falls from her mouth. I quietly scramble to get out of bed. Eager to enjoy some grown up time. Yet, the silence when I go downstairs is deafening. We find ourselves wishing she was playing in the other room, or wanting desperately to show us something. But our angel is silent. And somehow, that’s louder than her most frustrated cries. In that instant I miss her, just as if I had been away for days or months. I feel like I’m missing a piece of me. And I realize. I left my heart upstairs.


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It’s a Fine Fine Line; Sex and Cosleeping

I read. I researched. I was a sponge for information while pregnant. And I still am, even now, eight months post partum. Despite all of my research, I still had this crazy idea…that my newborn baby would sleep in her own room, her own bed. Yeah. No. Didn’t happen. Obviously. And so our family bed was born. In the beginning, sex was the farthest thing from my mind. But four weeks after giving birth to my daughter my sex drive was back in full force. But our bed was no longer our own. It took me awhile to get back in the swing of things. Sex is a beautiful thing. It is difficult at times to switch off mommy mode, and go into sexy wife mode. For us we are impulsive. We are spontaneous. We have sex on the stairs. The couch. The floor. We also have sex in our bed. Once our daughter is zonked for the night, she is moved over to the farthest corner, and we have sex in our own bed. For us cosleeping has somewhat spiced up the relationship. We don’t use the bedroom exclusively for sex anymore. We have a bed. And that bed is for love. It is for sex. It is for sleep. We go to bed as a family. Wake up as a family and to me, that is a beautiful thing. Having children will make your life completely different. Ours is richer. Full of laughs. Full of love. It is important to retain your sense of individuality. Sex is a part of this. I am a mother. A wife. And sex is important to me. It is important to the connection I feel with my husband. I crave that physical attachment. It was an adjustment, a huge one. We committed to this parenting style. And with it comes challenges. But for us, we do not allow sex to be one of them.