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Bebe ShitChins

Big thanks to my creative and talkative toddler. It made choosing the title of this piece very easy. So here’s to Cheeks and her “ShitChins”!!!

If you had told me a month ago that I would be the proud mama of one chicken, I wouldn’t have believed you. Let alone the proud mama of 21 chickens.

So this is how it went down. Our old house in the middle of the city; was falling apart. Literally. The windows were leaking, sink leaking, banister was loose, add a few other small issues and you get the idea. Then my husband takes a shower; and the wall caved in. So; in a matter of minutes the decision is made to move.

I find the perfect place. It’s the perfect medley of what we both want and envision Hattie growing up in. Plenty of land. An old farm house. A sunroom. And….you guessed it…chickens. We moved about a month ago. It’s been an interesting transition. Tons more creepy-crawlies around these parts.

So the house comes with a chicken coop. And five chickens. Including a rooster. Maybe a week or two after we moved one of the hens began sitting on eggs. We didn’t think much of it because she sat on them sporadically. We should have taken it at face value.

This morning we wake up to 16 baby chickens greeting us. A shock yes. But I can’t help but melt when I see how cute they truly are. Such fluffy babies. Wrangling them up because a snake was in their coop; took much longer than it should have. Thanks to my badass hubs playing hockey, we used a spare hockey stick to keep Mama Hen away so we could bring the babies to safety.

I’m excited to see how this journey pans out for us. Us and our baby “ShitChins” that is.



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