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Corrupt CPS worker, Olean NY

This is a guest submission by my sister in law.

My name is Elizabeth, after an abusive relationship with my children’s father, I have been left with PTSD among other illnesses. I have been back and forth to doctors and my therapists. I have been on so many different medications etc… While taking care of myself and my needs, I have also been a single mother of two amazing little boys. I have stood by their side during hospitalizations, school functions, made sure all their needs were met. I fought for and was rewarded full custody of my children. December 17th 2013, I was hospitalized for less than 48 hours in an inpatient treatment center for depression. While I wasn’t feeling well due to my illnesses and some depression due to my abuser being released from jail in Ga and brought back to Ny (my town) I had a bit of a melt down. I never indicated anything about killing myself but did post an apologetic, depressing sounding status on Facebook. Out of concern, authorities were notified, I was taken to the hospital for evaluation, where in less than 48 hours it was agreed that I didn’t belong there as I am not a threat to myself or others. News got to my childrens father and he went to CPS and the courts to get custody of our children even though he had already lost custody. Here’s more… the CPS worker is close family friends with my abusers grandmother and instead of fighting for me he is constantly asking me about how the grandparents feel and if they feel the boys should be with me. I have also been asked by the CPS worker if i would write a statement saying i wont move out of state and allow visitations to the other party. I have done everything requested per the judge and CPS. I have been actively seeing my doctor, therapist, counselor and psychiatrist. Yet it has been two months, four court cancellations, limited visitations, missing out on holidays which include Christmas ( presents are still under our tree) In the mean time I can do nothing but sit back with an empty heart, praying my children can come back to our home, their beds, their toys etc…Here is what really bothers me. Without throwing names out, this CPS worker has been playing both sides. he tells the other party that he is going to request that the boys don’t come home, yet he tells myself and my advocate that they are requesting the boys do come home and that there is no reason they shouldn’t. Then he turns around and writes a god awful letter trying to depict my character and mental state. Why?? Because he is friends with the other party. Now how is this ok?? Where is the justice?? I am just speechless and heartbroken. no one besides the other party and the cps worker agree with this situation. They have advised me to push the subject and get the word out. Them being friends should have been considered a conflict of interest and he shouldn’t be the one in charge of the case. I am asking you to sign this petition to show the world that this abuse of power is not only morally wrong, but also illegal. The emotional and mental ramifications this situation has caused on my two little
boys (both under 6) is yet to be determined. And I will do whatever it takes to prove that my home is their rightful place. They are loved and cherished.

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No RAGRETS…(not even a single letter?)

I try to live my life positively. Focusing on the good. For me, I can get so easily overwhelmed and dragged down by the negative; that I make an effort every day to stay positive. When I gave birth to my daughter, I had no regrets. However once a few months had passed, I found myself deeply saddened by what I perceived I had done wrong. I was upset by the fact that I had an epidural. That I allowed the nurses to bully me. That I didn’t speak up for myself. I had this beautifully healthy baby girl next to me, yet I was in tears. It has taken me until now, 16 months after her birth to be able to talk about that night without feeling it in the pit of my stomach. I am now at peace. I have allowed myself to simply learn from the experience. I no longer list the “I should haves”. It has not been an easy road for me. But I have taken that negative. And twisted it into a positive. For I know how strong I will be for my next birth! I will own it!!

Peace Love Cheeks