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It’s a Fine Fine Line; Sex and Cosleeping

I read. I researched. I was a sponge for information while pregnant. And I still am, even now, eight months post partum. Despite all of my research, I still had this crazy idea…that my newborn baby would sleep in her own room, her own bed. Yeah. No. Didn’t happen. Obviously. And so our family bed was born. In the beginning, sex was the farthest thing from my mind. But four weeks after giving birth to my daughter my sex drive was back in full force. But our bed was no longer our own. It took me awhile to get back in the swing of things. Sex is a beautiful thing. It is difficult at times to switch off mommy mode, and go into sexy wife mode. For us we are impulsive. We are spontaneous. We have sex on the stairs. The couch. The floor. We also have sex in our bed. Once our daughter is zonked for the night, she is moved over to the farthest corner, and we have sex in our own bed. For us cosleeping has somewhat spiced up the relationship. We don’t use the bedroom exclusively for sex anymore. We have a bed. And that bed is for love. It is for sex. It is for sleep. We go to bed as a family. Wake up as a family and to me, that is a beautiful thing. Having children will make your life completely different. Ours is richer. Full of laughs. Full of love. It is important to retain your sense of individuality. Sex is a part of this. I am a mother. A wife. And sex is important to me. It is important to the connection I feel with my husband. I crave that physical attachment. It was an adjustment, a huge one. We committed to this parenting style. And with it comes challenges. But for us, we do not allow sex to be one of them.

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